About Truly

What's In The Can?

Good question. The short answer? A whole lot. Inside every can of Truly is a fresh adventure just waiting to be opened (also plenty of seltzer). That’s because you never know where your next sip will take you. Maybe a boat. Maybe a bar crawl. Maybe boarding a flight to that secluded island off the coast of Croatia you always thought about going to — you know, the one with the bottomless seafood buffet? Yeah, you know.


Not Just Drinkers. Dreamers.

If that sounded a little dramatic, good. We want you to feel important. After all, you Truly lovers, are the reason we do all this. Well, that and the morning tasting sessions. Hey, we can’t say no to a noon happy hour.



At this party, everyone is welcome

When you’re here, you’re family… wait, someone already used that. Okay, let’s put it this way: If you’re a Truly fan, you’re welcome here. Just promise us you’ll keep the vibes high and the drinks cold.


Look on the Light Side

The way we see it, every situation has a light side. Speakers in the bar are broken? No worries -- this is exactly why you've been practicing karaoke in your shower for the past 25 years.


Don't worry, live Truly

Our philosophy is simple: Look forward and recline backward. After all, life’s too short to worry that much. So consider this your cue: Kick up your feet, crack open a can, and drink it allllll in.

The Reviews Are Also Sparkling

"Long story short We're obsessed with them all."

- Daily Meal

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"Truly's new tropical mix pack of hard seltzers is the refreshing, easy-to-carry summer drink you absolutely need."

- Delish

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"Truly Seltzer is a great brand to get to know if you like variety in your life, as they have 13 different styles of seltzer for you to sip on."

- Romper

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