Life is full of flavor. Let’s explore it.

Whether that means creating fresh styles of seltzer or helping drinkers like you discover new experiences, we get up every day and raise a can to curiosity (oh, and fun. Lots of fun.)

Because after all, no one is just one flavor.

Truly X Dua Lipa

And now, we’re partnering with Grammy award winner Dua Lipa to help spread this mission far and wide.


Celebrate you

“To me, No One is Just One Flavor means that we’re all composed of many facets,” said Dua Lipa. “There are so many different parts of us that make us unique – whether that’s speaking different languages, whether that’s your job, whether that’s what you’re like when you’re at home. I feel like all those tiny little parts, those tiny little flavors, make you who you are – and we should celebrate that!”


Join us and Dua and share your many sides by tagging #NoOneIsJustOneFlavor on Instagram and Twitter. Who knows? You might just meet your future bestie who also loves Strawberry Lemonade, cat videos, and watching re-runs of 90’s music videos on a Friday night.



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